Monday, March 1, 2010

Crib Note - What the Heck is Shabbat Dinner Anyway? (For Our Non Jewish Friends)

Shabbat is considered a festive day, when a person is freed from the regular labors of everyday life (seriously -- who couldn't use that regardless of religion), can contemplate the spiritual aspects of life (with a glass of wine in hand), and can spend time with family (and friends). Because the Friday dinner is the focal point of the week that begins the observance of Shabbat, expect to find the dining room table set with the good china (what was I saving it for anyway), the (wrinkled) table cloth, flowers and lots of candles (a set for each child - and what kid does not love fire). We do a few prayers in Hebrew (seriously - non-threatening). Steve blesses the wine, challah (Jewish egg bread - yummy) and the children and says eschet chayil ... code for I love my wife because she puts up with me. I say I love you back. We go round the table letting each person share what they were most thankful for that week. Then we eat.


Told you it wasn't that scary.

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