Wednesday, October 6, 2010

50 Before 50

1. Sleep in the Grand Canyon.
2. Climb a mountain.
3. Take ballroom dancing lessons.
4. Race NASTAR with my father, Ben, Sarah and Steve.
5. Go back to Israel.
6. Ride my bike across a state.
7. Learn Hebrew (again) with Ben.
8. Stay on an ashram.
9. Finish a marathon in 15 more states.
10. Run an ultra-marathon.
11. Go sailing with my Dad.
12. Start a foundation that serves kids and the outdoors.
13. Lead a fundraising effort that raises in excess of $50k.
14. Master a headstand.
15. Run a 5K with both my children.
16. Be a spectator at the Olympics.
17. Ride part of the Tour de France course.
18. Audition for a play.
19. Eat vegetables from my own garden.
20. Learn to bake the perfect challah.
21. Write a book.
22. Finish the kids’ baby books.
23. Go to survival school.
24. Visit at least 10 more National Parks.
25. Complete an adventure race.
26. Paint my face for a football game.
27. Tailgate with the kids at Purdue.
28. Plan a reunion.
29. Organize the Berkeley genealogy records.
30. Help build a house with Habitat for Humanity.
31. Go on an overnight train trip with a sleeper car.
32. Read the Torah.
33. Take the kids to a dude ranch.
34. Buy a fuel efficient American car.
35. Help start a family business that turns a profit.
36. Ride a camel.
37. Build a sukkah.
38. Handwrite 50 letters to impactful people.
39. Get certified in CPR.
40. Ski hut to hut in the Rockies.
41. Rescue an animal.
42. Swing on a trapeze.
43. Renew my vows.
44. Add “dean” to my job title.
45. Speak as an “expert” at a conference.
46. Line dance at a country western bar.
47. Drive cross country in an RV.
48. Spend the night in a lighthouse.
49. Trek to Machu Picchu.
50. Skydive.

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